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Custom-made miniature architectural model: MM01

Custom-made miniature architectural model: MM01

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This is a custom-made miniature architectural model (miniature house model) that will encase your home.
Perfect for commemorating the completion of a custom-built home or other detached house.
We will custom-make small, colored architectural models.
Customers can also add options such as a glass dome and lighting, and choose from four different styles: spring, summer, fall, and basic.
A perfect gift to commemorate the completion of a memorable building. A great reward for your family or yourself who worked hard to build your home.
This is a miniature model of my home.
Ordering is easy online.

Customize your order → Upload your architectural drawings in PDF format → Click "Add to Cart" to complete.

■Size (selectable)
Diameter 12cm x Height approx. 12cm

■Model scale The size will be based on the above base. It is approximately between 1/150 and 1/200.

Customization options


Total price after customization (before coupon is applied) Coupons can be applied on the purchase page.

¥30,000 JPY


Upload PDF drawing

Multiple files are allowed, up to a total of 10MB.


Model Palette is a custom-made architectural model service that aims to allow owners of buildings such as custom-built homes to be more interactively involved in home building through the realistic tool of models. Please read the terms of use before using.


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