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[For sales proposals] Custom-made architectural model: MP Simple

[For sales proposals] Custom-made architectural model: MP Simple

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1/75 custom-made architectural model.
The size is mainly suitable for housing models for 1-3 story custom homes.

This product is characterized by low cost and short delivery time, so it can be used especially by house builders and construction companies as a presentation model for homeowners.

Ordering is easy online.

Customize your order → Upload architectural drawings as PDF → Complete with “Add to Cart”

Customization options


Upload PDF drawing

The PDF drawing must contain the following drawings:・Layout plan, floor plan of each floor, sectional view (two or more sides), elevation view of each side.・If there is a courtyard, each elevation of the courtyard. ・In the case of a skip floor, indicate the FL level on the cross-sectional view or floor plan. If there is a courtyard, we will ask you to attach a perspective view including the courtyard in addition to the various necessary drawings to improve reproducibility. Also, if you have a perspective of the exterior and interior, it would be very helpful. Multiple files allowed, total up to 10MB.


Please check the terms and conditions before placing your order.

You can check the total amount after customization in your cart.


Model Palette , a custom-made house model service, aims to allow building owners to be more interactively involved in building their homes through the creation of easily assembled models. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the model with respect to the provided drawings. Please check the terms of use before using.


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